BENJAMIN BRITTEN (1913-1976): Music for Radio and Theatre - The Ascent of F6 for Mezzo-Soprano, Tenor, Narrator, Chorus, 2 Pianos and Percussion, An American in England for Narrator and Orchestra, Roman Wall Blues for Mezzo-Soprano and Piano, On the Frontier for Narrator, 2 Pianos, 2 Trumpets and Percussion, Where do we go from here? for Mezzo-Soprano and Orchestra.

Catalogue Number: 02P079

Label: NMC

Reference: D190

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: These examples of Britten's voluminous work in incidental music date from just before and just after his three-year stay in the U.S. and have all kinds of interesting political and social angles well-covered in the ten pages of notes. Necessarily brief (there are 43 tracks on this 78-minute disc), these pieces nevertheless demonstrate Britten's evoke atmosphere and underline plot points with the smallest instrumental means and a short amount of time in which to accomplish it. The two largest works here are incidental music for stage plays: Ascent (33 min.) and Frontier (23 min.) while the ones using orchestra are 17:30 and 2 minutes long. Likely for Britten completists but equally interesting for collectors of film music. Texts included. Samuel West (narrator), Mary Carewe, Jean Rigby (mezzos), Andrew Kennedy (tenor), Mervyn Cooke, Lucy Walker (pianos), Jonathan Holland, Bruce Nockles (trumpets), Matthew Dickinson (percussion), Ex Cathedra; Jeffrey Skidmore, HallĂ© Orchestra; Mark Elder (An American in England) and Harry Ogg (Where do we go?).


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