CARL CZERNY (1791-1857): Quatuors Concertantes on Well-Loved Melodies for 4 Pianos, Op. 230 & Op. 816.

Catalogue Number: 02P046

Label: Ars Produktion

Reference: ARS 368 331

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: I'm offering this 20-year-old title because it's so unique and some of you piano fanciers may not have had access to it. Each has an original introduction and finale which surround 9 (op. 230 of 1830) and 12 (op. 816 of 1851/52) transcribed arias from operas by Bellini, Auber, Rossini, Mozart, Balfe, Wallace, Donizetti, Meyerbeer and Flotow (and also Paganini's La Campanella violin concerto finale) and an aria apparently composed by the famous soprano Giuditta Pasta (1797-1867). Baynov Piano Ensemble. 1994 release.


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