FERDINAND RIES (1784-1837): Die Räuberbraut, Op. 156.

Catalogue Number: 02P045

Label: CPO

Reference: 777 655-2

Format: CD

Price: $31.98

Description: A dash of Weberian dark romanticism, folksy men's and peasant's choruses, Rossinian delicacy in one character's arias, a romantic bandit chief, a self-sacrificing Leonoreish woman, all wrapped up in music which often recalls that of the composer's teacher and could be seen to serve as a bridge between Beethoven and early Wagner, wrap it all up and you've got Ries' first (of only four) operas, premiered in 1828 (yes, he waited a while to attempt the operatic stage!). An appendix contains 16 minutes of ballet music not used in the recording of the opera itself. 2 CDs. German-English libretto. Ruth Ziesak, Julia Borchert (sopranos), Thomas Blondelle (tenor), Jochen Kupfer (baritone), Cologne Radio Choir, Cologne Radio Symphony Orchestra; Howard Griffiths.


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