Baroque Bohemia and Beyond, Vol. 7

JAN KRTITEL KUCHAR (1751-1829): Pastorella in D for Organ, JAN VÁCLAV STAMIC (1714-1757): Sinfonia Pastorale, Op. 4/2, JAN HATAS (1751?-1784): Parthia Pastoritia for Winds in F, JOSEF SEGER (1716-1782): Fugues "de tempore natalis", and "Christ the Lord was born" for Organ, FRANTISEK ANTONÍN RÖSSLER-ROSETTI (1746-1792): Sinfonia Pastoralis, WEISMANN (?-?): Pastorella in F for Bagpipes, 2 Oboes and Strings, JIRÍ IGNÁC LINEK (1725-1791): Sinfonia Pastoalis in C, Pastorela per Clavicembalo Concerto, MICHEL CORRETTE (1709-1795): Nouveau Livre de Noëls.

Catalogue Number: 02P032

Label: Alto

Reference: ARLC 1251

Format: CD

Price: $9.98

No Longer Available

Description: Since Christmas is just around the corner, the distributor of this label rushed this to the market in mid-January. The three symphonies and the four-minute harpsichord "concerto" are world premiere recordings and the rest are CD premieres except, of course, for the Corrette which is here to demonstrate the pan-European spread of the Bohemian pastorale genre. Czech Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra; Vojtech Spurny, Stanislav Vavrínek (Corrette).


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