JOHN BLOW (1649-1708): Venus and Adonis, Ode to St. Cecilia.

Catalogue Number: 02P017

Label: Alpha

Reference: 703

Format: DVD

Price: $23.98

Description: The masque is not unusual repetoire; we offer this for collectors of the staging (candlelit and period costumes) in this series of DVDs filmed by Alpha. The coupling is unusual though: the 26-minute Ode (1684) is said to be "from Blow's Begin the Song"; since there is no other recording of the latter, I can't say whether the Ode recorded here is a complete work or a part of a larger one. Céline Scheen (soprano), Marc Mauillon (baritone), Grégoire Augustin (boy soprano), Maîtrise de Caen, Les Musiciens du Paradis; Bertrand Cuiler. 16:9 widescreen. NTSC all regions. Stereo. 86 min. + 16 min. "making of".


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