CARL ORFF (1895-1981): Quartet Movement, Op. 22, CHARLES IVES (1874-1954): Scherzo "Holding Your Own", WOLFGANG RIHM (b.1952): String Quartet No. 9 "Quartettsatz", ANTON WEBERN (1883-1945): Langsamer Satz, HUGO WOLF (1860-1903): Italian Serenade, GIACOMO PUCCINI (1858-1924): Crisantemi, FRANZ SCHUBERT (1797-1828): Quartet Movement in C Minor, D 703.

Catalogue Number: 02N057

Label: Capriccio

Reference: C5064

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: We offer this for the only available (but apparently not first) recording of the eight-and-a-half minute movement by Orff from 1914. It goes back and forth between a melancholy that could be twins with Puccini's Crisantemi and a more resolute, Debussian section. Worth the price of the disc? Only you can decide since the rest is rather well-known stuff although none of these seem apt discmates for the largest work here - hardly a "quartet movement", one might think - is Rihm's 23-minute piece from 1993, freely atonal in the post-Webernian sense (vocalizations, percussive playing techniques). Signum Quartet.


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