GEORG PHILIPP TELEMANN (1681-1767): Intrada, nebst burlesquer Suite in D "Gulliver Suite", TWV 40:108, Concerto in A Minor for 2 Flutes, Strings and Continuo, 52:a2, Concerto in E Minor for Recorder, Flute, Strings and Continuo, 52:e1, Burlesque de Quixotte, 55:G10, Introduction à 3 from Der Getreue Music-Meister, 42:C1. Collectors may want to check to see if they have the Gulliver Suite, a short, five-movement piece with a "Lilliputian Chaconne", "Brobdingnagian Gigue", "Loure of the Houyhnhnms" and "Furie of the Yahoos".

Catalogue Number: 02N019

Label: Ambronay

Reference: AMY 302

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: This is No. 29 of Der getreue Music-Meister but not everything from that huge collection is available on disc currently. Les Esprits Animaux.


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