CHARLES COLEMAN (b.1968): Streetscape, Deep Woods, JENNIFER HIGDON (b.1962): Fanfare Ritmico, CARTER PANN (b.1972): Slalom, JONATHAN BAILEY HOLLAND (b.1974): Halcyon Sun, KEVIN PUTS (b.1972): Network.

Catalogue Number: 02M095

Label: CSO Media

Reference: SCOM-945

Format: CD

Price: $15.98

Description: Coleman's Streetscape is a busy, bustling motoric impression of New York's driving energy, which gives way to a central section consisting of reflective counterpoints of individual instrumental lines which build in intensity; the lives of individuals, perhaps, in the midst of the roiling dynamism of the city. His similarly atmospheric Deep Woods, inspired by an imposing and mysterious painting by Charles Yoder, is also propelled by a strong rhythmic pulse, overlain by sinuous Sibelian melodic lines. The Higdon is a celebration of rhythmic energy, an exhilarating scherzo, which is also an accurate description of Pann's high-velocity ode to downhill skiing, features of the landscape flying by in a dizzying whirl. Network is an energetic piece of post-minimalism; his note refers to Torke and Adams, both clearly discernible influences. The program is centered on Holland's Halcyon Sun, which stands in complete contrast to the other pieces; celebrating images of freedom associated with the Underground Railroad, the work has a persistent slow pulse and glowing textures suggesting light emerging from darkness. All the pieces are strongly tonal and thoroughly accessible.


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