VELJO TORMIS (b.1930): The 17th Canto of the Kalevala, Kullervo's Message, Forging the Sampo, Curse Upon Iron, The Singer's Closing Words.

Catalogue Number: 02L102

Label: Alba

Reference: NCD 35

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: These Kalevala works create a plausibly authentic concert setting for the verses, which are sung in regular, chant-like, folk-influenced melodic phrases, with punctuating chordal or dramatized interjections separating episodes in the narrative. The texture and tempo varies, the harmony remains modal throughout, while persistently rhythmic repeated gestures have an Orff-like insistence. Actual folk-melodies and archaic folk instruments - various drums, bells, odd (but very effective) noise-makers and a kind of zither - add to the works' powerful sense of atmosphere. The earliest piece - Curse Upon Iron - with its primitive, monotonous,pulsating chanting and eerie Shaman Drum accompaniment, is also the strangest, but remarkably atmospheric. Finnish-English texts. Estonian National Male Choir; Ants Soots.


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