JOSEPH HAYDN (1732-1809): 5 Concertos for 2 Lire Organizzate arranged for: 2 Recorders and Strings in C, Hob.VII:h1, Flute, Oboe and Strings in G, VIIh:2, for 2 Flutes and Strings in G, VIIh:3, for Flute, Oboe and Strings in F, VIIh:4 and for 2 Recorders and Strings in F, VIIh:5.

Catalogue Number: 02K034

Label: Naxos

Reference: 8.570481

Format: CD

Price: $11.98

Description: The lira organizzata was a kind of cross between a hurdy-gurdy and a chamber organ with the range of a flute or oboe and, since no originals or copies of this instrument seem to exist, these works, written in 1786 or 1787 for King Ferdinand IV of Naples, they are arranged here for combinations of those instruments. Two horns are added to the string orchestra. Daniel Rothert, Philipp Spätling (recorders), Benoit Fromanger, Ingo Nelken (flutes), Christian Hommel (oboe), Cologne Chamber Orchestra; Helmut Müller-Brühl.


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