RUED LANGGAARD (1893-1952): Symphonies No. 15 "Sea Storm"for Bass-Baritone, Chorus and Orchestra and No. 16 "Sun Deluge", Sphinx, Drapa (On the Death of Edvard Grieg), Hvidberg-Drapa for Choir, Organ and Orchestra*, Danmarks Radio*, Res Absurda!? for Choir and Orchestra*.

Catalogue Number: 02K007

Label: Dacapo

Reference: 6.220519

Format: CD

Price: $15.98

Description: The last two symphonies (1937/49 and 1950-51), the former somewhat modern, the latter a Romantic final testament, are joined by Langgaard's most-performed work (the seven-minute Sphinx, like the Grieg memorial, from his late teen-age years) and three world premiere recordings (*). All three last nine minutes together but Res Absurda!? is classic absurdist Langgaard, repeating the title at increasing tempo and volume until a sudden breakdown ends it. Danish-English texts. Johan Reuter (bass), Danish National Choir and Vocal Ensemble, Danish National Symphony Orchestra; Thomas Dausgaard. SACD hybrid


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