FRANCESCO CAVALLI (1602-1676): Vespero delli cinque Laudate a 8 voci con strumenti, Canzona a 8, Plaudite, cantate cimbalis a 3 voci, In virtute tua Domine a 3 voci, Magnificat a 6 voci, Laudate Dominum a 8 voci, Lauda Jerusalem a 8 voci.

Catalogue Number: 02I015

Label: Dynamic

Reference: CDS 520

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: The Vespers is a late work (published in 1675) in which Cavalli abandons the austere, Monteverdian prima prattica in favor of a more emotional style while the use of trombones/cornetts and bassoons provides a luxuriously rich base for the voices. Claudio Monteverdi Choir of Crema, Quoniam Ensemble of Renaissance Dulcians, Ensemble de Saqueboutiers; Bruno Gini.


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