FLORENT SCHMITT (1870-1958): Légende, Op. 66, ANDRÉ CAPLET (1878-1925): Légende, Impression d'Automne - Elégie, VINCENT D'INDY (1851-1931): Choral varié, Op. 55, CHARLES MARTIN LOEFFLER (1861-1935): Divertissment Espagnol, GEORGES LONGY (1868-1930): Rapsodie, CLAUDE DEBUSSY (1862-1918): Rapsodie.

Catalogue Number: 02I012

Label: Ottavo

Reference: C30589

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: This unusual collection memorializes the sterling work done on behalf of the saxophone by the amateur American patron and soloist, Elisa Hall. From her position in Boston with her own "Orchestra Club", she commissioned 22 pieces from 16 different composers with the selection here highlighted by D'Indy's Franckian work and Schmitt's colorful, mysteriously "Oriental" Légende (perhaps the most virtuosic). Due to Hall's amateur skills, the soloist's technique is never challenged, producing, in effect, a series of lovely tone poems given an exotic color by the saxophone. Arno Bornkamp (saxophone), Netherlands Radio Symphony Orchestra; Jean-Bernard Pommier.


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