BERNARDO PASQUINI (1637-1710): L’Idalma.

Catalogue Number: 01Y014

Label: CPO

Reference: 555 501-2

Format: CD

Price: $33.98

Description: Competing against Alessandro Scarlatti, Pasquini composed his "Idalma" in the Roman Carnival of 1680. It is about marital fidelity and steadfast love. Together with Giovanna Barbati, conductor and artistic director of the Festwochen Alessandro de Marchi has created a new version of the work, which has been forgotten for some 350 years, based on the composer's own handwriting. This version dispenses with lengthy musical repetitions and instead scores with a fireworks display of affects: brilliant arias full of expressivity and power, instrumental richness, sweeping ensembles and a sensitive musical design that takes full account of the permanent change of affects and dramatic situations. 3 CDs. Italian-English libretto. Arianna Vendittelli, Anita Rosati (sopranos), Margherita Maria Sala (contralto), Rupert Charlesworth (tenor), Alessandro De Marchi. (Counts as 2 CDs for shipping.)


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