TIBOR HARSÁNYI (1898-1954): Complete Piano Works, Vol. 1 - 5 Prèludes brefs, La Semaine, Pastorales, Baby-dancing, 5 Bagatelles, 5 Ètudes rythmiques, Vocalise-Ètude “Blues”, 6 Pièces courtes.

Catalogue Number: 01V047

Label: Grand Piano

Reference: GP806

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: Harsányi is usually associated with ‘L’École de Paris’, a loosely knit collection of expatriate composers living in the city, among them Martinů, Tansman and Tcherepnin. He embraced music from a wide variety of sources, notably from North and South America, and this enriched his own music’s rhythmic vitality and sense of color. In his piano music, Harsányi drew on diverse source material, a free-spirited absorption of Hungarian traditions, neo-Baroque, the comic and jazz, as can be heard in the Préludes brefs. Baby-Dancing draws on the foxtrot, Boston, czárdás and samba, while La Semaine, seven pieces, one for each day of the week, contains nocturnes of stillness, off-beat folk songs and a wealth of color and verve. Giorgio Koukl (piano).


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