MIKLÓS MAROS (b.1943): Complete Keyboard Works - Sonata, Bogen, Ernst und Spass, Farbwolken, HCAB-BACH, 8 Inventions, Kilskrift, Rush.

Catalogue Number: 01U053

Label: Perfect Noise

Reference: PN 1704

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: In his introduction to the program on the CD, Maros states that " ... curiosity is one of the most important traits of a composer." Judging by the works here, this would appear to amount to something of a personal credo. They appear to be the products of a restlessly inquiring mind, constantly on the lookout for novelty. Not that his idioms - plural - are particularly abstruse or forbidding; even the most radically unconventional ones retain a high degree of accessibility. This leads to the question of what is on the CD; it is neither exclusively for conventional piano, nor is it 'complete'. Bogen is for harpsichord, a rapid chordal work with a suggestion of a kind of minimalism. Ernst und Spaß is for piano tuned in sixteenth tones, which Maros uses as a study in strange timbres and colors; this is also true of Farbwolken - 'Clouds of Color' for third-tone piano, which produces a kind of Impressionistic haze. The substantial sonata, 20 minutes in two movements subdivided into sections, is relatively conventional, built of tonal chords, though with amply dissonant clashes, and with thematic material that recurs throughout the dramatic, cogently argued piece which takes in elements of romanticism, modernism and impressionism along the way. Kilskrift (for piano) and Inventions (for harpsichord) were written with a pedagogical purpose, but both make fine and approachable concert suites, the first comprising four movements of varying degrees of difficulty and technical character, the second with a post-minimalist exploration of limited pitches in modal chords (Rush, incorporating percussive stamping and clapping, does something rather similar for the piano). Like many of the works here, these pieces are clearly written with entertainment in mind alongside any more serious intent. Moritz Ernst (piano, harpsichord).


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