ERIK FORDELL (1917-1981): for String Orchestra: In Folk Style, Folk Songs from Ostrobothnia I, II and III, 3 Pictures of the River Valley, Old Folk Melody from Vittsar, for Vocalist and String Orchestra:  Tones, The Last Night of April (both Anu Komsi [soprano]), Night (Monica Groop [mezzo], Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra; Juha Kangas), for Vocalist and Piano: Spring Song, Moon Vigil, The July Night is Already Fading (Meeri Pulakka [soprano], Kirill Kozlovski [piano]), for Violin and Piano: Nocturne, Benedictus (Reijo Tunkkari [violin], Tero Tavaila [piano]), for Solo Piano: A Nordic Romance, In Finnish Folk Style, A Romance from the River Valley, Impromptu, Piano Notes (Kozlovski [piano]), for Choir: There Is Still a Flower, The Summer Meadow, A Big Farmer (Aglepta; Malin Storbjörk), Divertimento Pulakka II for Flute and String Trio (Pulakka Quartet).

Catalogue Number: 01T046

Label: Alba

Reference: ABCD 404

Format: SACD hybrid

Price: $18.98

Description: A centenary celebration of some of the smaller works of a dedicated teacher, critic and, in his spare time, a prolific composer. Fordell was born in Ostrobothnia in western Finland and spent most of his career there, which had an effect on his visibility as a composer as did his attachment to conservative compostional styles - as a glance at the titles above immediately indicates. These are all basically either nature-portraits or derived from folksong and would fit happily into the genre of light music.


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