LEOPOLD KOŽELUCH (1747-1818): Complete Keyboard Sonatas, Vol. 11 - Sonatas No. 42 in F and No. 43 in E Flat, Op. 53/2 & 3 (c. 1815 Fritz fortepiano), Sonatas No. 44 in F, No. 45 in A and No. 46 in C, P. XII:1, 2 & 41 (1785 Longman and Broderip harpsichord).

Catalogue Number: 01T015

Label: Grand Piano

Reference: GP735

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: This penultimate volume juxtaposes three early works dating from the 1770s with two mature sonatas from 1809, revealing how far Koželuch’s style changed over a thirty-year period. The early sonatas, though harmonically modest, fizz with Rococo charm and elegance. The late sonatas, meanwhile, were intended for a fortepiano and are two-movement works featuring bustling rondos and deft janissary devices, one of which is the buzzing effect generated by a knee lever on the original 1815 Johann Fritz instrument used in this recording. Kemp English (keyboards).


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