ALEC WILDER (1907-1980): Clarinet Sonata, ALEC TEMPLETON (1910-1963): Pocket Size Sonatas Nos. 1 and 2, JOSEPH HOROVITZ (b.1926): Clarinet Sonata, SIMON A. SARGON (b.1938): Deep Ellum Nights, PAUL READE (1943-1997): Suite from The Victorian Kitchen.

Catalogue Number: 01S029

Label: Vermeer

Reference: VRM 40011

Format: CD

Price: $14.98

Description: Music by three British and two American composers which use jazz as the basis of their works (Templeton’s first little sonata even adds a drummer in its brief third movement. Wilder differs slightly in appearing to follow Gunthr Schuller’s “Third Stream” concept and you’ll find a fugato in the first movement and tonally-organized dodecaphony ints last one. Sargon’s positively drips with smoky and cloudy jazz-club atmosphere. Gianluca Campagnolo (clarinet), Francesco Scrofani Cancellieri (piano).


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