LEONID SABANEYEV (1881-1968): Piano Music, Vol. 1 - Préludes, Op. 1/1, Op. 2/1 and 4, Op. 3/2 and Op. 10/2, 5, 6 and 8, Morceaux, Op. 5/2, Op. 8/2 and Op. 9/1 and 4, Compositions, Op. 6/1 and Op. 7/2, Sonata, Op. 15 “In Memory of Scriabin”.

Catalogue Number: 01R051

Label: Toccata Classics

Reference: TOCC 0308

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Scriabin lovers rejoice! Sabaneyev was a close friend of the composer and his “Reminiscences of Scriabin” of 1923 is an important account of last five years of Scriabin’s life. A polymath, Sabaneyev had a doctorate in mathematics and also published several works on zoology. He studied music with Taneyev and the same backdrop in artistic circles in Russia in the early 20th century of a mystical, ecstatic and brooding Symbolism finds its expression in Sabaneyev just as it did in Scriabin, Medtner, Catoire, Alexandrov, Blumenfeld, Dobrowen, the Kreins, Stanchinsky and Eiges. All the works here date from 1902-15, 39 minutes of miniatures (all the rage in Russian piano composition of that time) and the big, single-movement 32-minute sonata of 1915. Excellent notes by the pianist note all of the details common to Sabaneyev and Scriabin and point out the few cases where they differ. Very few of you out there like late Scriabin and I don’t know why that is but, for those of you who do, this release is not to be missed. Jonathan Powell (piano).


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