HEINRICH WILHELM ERNST (1812-1865): Complete Works, Vol. 5 - Polonaise de Concert, Op. 17, 3 Rondinos Brillants sur des motifs favoris de “Robert le Diable”de Meyerbeer, “Natalie de Carafa” et “la Tentation” de Halévy, Op. 5, Romanesca fameux, Variations de brAvoure sur l’air national hollandais, Op. 18, STEPHEN HELLER (1813-1888): Feuillet d’Album “L'Art de Phraser”, Op. 16/14 (arr. Ernst), ERNST & GEORGE ALEXANDER OSBORNE (1806-1893): Brilliant Variations on the Favourite Air “I tuoi frequenti palpiti” (from Pacini’s Opera “Niobe”).

Catalogue Number: 01R041

Label: Toccata Classics

Reference: TOCC 0310

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: After a two-year gap we get the fifth volume in this series, with two grand and brilliant compositions for the concert hall (the 1842 Polonaise and the 1838 variations on the Dutch national anthem) the more intimate, yet still sparkling operatic miniatures and tender arrangements. Sherban Lupu (violin), Ian Hobson (piano).


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