The Classical Piano Concerto - 2

DANIEL STEIBELT (1765-1823): Piano Concertos No. 3 in E, Op. 33 “L’orage”, No. 5 in E Flat, Op. 64 “À la chasse” and No. 7 in E Minor “Grand concerto militaire”.

Catalogue Number: 01R002

Label: Hyperion

Reference: CDA 68104

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: A rare sighting of one of the rarest of the pre-Romantic piano virtuoso-composers. Steibelt was the forerunner of bright, glittering, effects-filled pianism later carried forward by people like Herz, Moscheles and Kalkbrenner. There’s no counterpoint, no real development of themes (rather, they are combined, extended and embellished) and slow movements use existing folk melodies (Scottish in Nos. 3 and 5 while Steibelt doesn’t even bother with one in the Grand concerto militaire of 1816), but there is plenty of showy work for the soloist. Broadly modeled on Mozart’s late concertos, the first movements, whose melodies are lyrical and where one finds a touch of the latter’s stye, are longer than the last two combined and the finales are the main repositories of virtuosity. The storm in No. 3 is a small pre-echo of that in Beethoven’s Pastoral, No. 5’s is typical hunt music with bellowing horns and No. 7 adds all sorts of “military” percussion and throws in a tambourine (the instrument of Steibelt’s wife). Ulster Orchestra; Howard Shelley (piano).


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