FELIX NOWOWIEJSKI (1877-1946): Missa pro pace for Mixed Choir, Organ and Orchestra, Op. 49/3 (orch. Stanko Premrl [1880-1965]), Missa stella maris for Mixed Choir and Organ, Op. 49/4.

Catalogue Number: 01P050

Label: Dux

Reference: 0683

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Dating from 1933, the Missa pro pace is one of this Polish composer's most intensely emotional and dramatic sacred works, with the organ ever-present, the major player on the scene; the addition of the orchestra is almost superfluous. On the other side of the coin is the Marian mass, published in 1937, which is less dramatic and whose combination of modal elements with a late Romantic harmonic idiom makes for a singular atmosphere. Anna Dramowicz (organ), Maciej Ingielewicz (organ - Missa stella maris), Olsztyn Chamber Choir "Collegium Musicum"; Janusz Wilinski, Felix Nowowiejski Philharmonic in Olsztyn Symphony Orchestra; Janusz Przybyslki. 2009 release.


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