PAULINO PAREDES (1913-1957): Symphonic Works, Vol. 2 - Music for Ballet - Las Horas, Bodas Alegres, Espalda Mojada, Muñecos de Barro.

Catalogue Number: 01O009

Label: Lituus

Reference: no catalogue number

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: In this collection of two ballet scores, a suite and a symphonic poem, Mexican folk influences are much to the fore. The biggest work is the 1942 ballet Las Horas which examines "Dawn", "Noon", "Afternoon" and, in a fourth movement whose 18 minutes are longer than all of its predecessors, a very evocative, now tense, now sultry "Night". The other ballet is 1954's nine-minute long Espalda Mojada - yes, that means "Wet-back" - and its subject is the grinding life of the migratory worker who comes to the U.S. for backbreaking work to support his family back home. "Happy Wedding" (1941) is the symphonic poem (ten festive, folk-influenced minutes) while "Clay Puppets" of 1940 is a three-movement evocation of the products of Michoacan folk artisans. All very colorful and highly enjoyable stuff! Orquesta Sinfónica UANL; Félix Carrasco.


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