CLAUDE DEUBSSY (1862-1918)/LOÏC MALLIÉ (b.1947): 6 improvisations sur des thèmes de Claude Debussy.

Catalogue Number: 01N045

Label: Editions Hortus

Reference: 932

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

No Longer Available

Description: Collectors of organ transcriptions should also appreciate these improvisations on multiple Debussy themes. This is, after all, the life-blood of the art of the French organist: taking a theme and turning it into his own work of art, an homage but also an original work. Since the notes follow the irritating "let's interview the performer" route (and hardly anything useful comes of that), we don't have anything to go by as far as themes are concerned except the ten pages of music themes at the end of the booklet - 27 different themes, four of them not by Debussy. Loïc Mallié (Victor Gonzales organ of Saint-Vaast de Bailleul).


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