Street Music in the Kingdom of Naples - Como sencza la vita, Stornello, Stu pettu è fattu cimbalu d'amuri (2 versions), Sona a battenti, Primo discanto, Madonna della grazia, Pigliate l'alma mia, Tarantella de Sannicandro, L'Angiulillo, Cori miu, Pizzica tarantata, Marcia delle truppe Sanfediste, Carataranta, 'Na via di rose, Canto per Montevergine, Canto dei carrettieri, Secondo discanto, Fronni d'alia, Pizzica di San Vito, La Volombrella, 'O Guarracino.

Catalogue Number: 01M095

Label: Arcana

Reference: A 359

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: The notes are not exactly in-depth about the origins and dating of these 22 songs (although there are a lot of notes with much interesting information, especially about the origins of the Tarantella), but we plainly have here a combination of historically-informed musical practice on period instruments being applied to traditional or "popular" music from southern Italy (the Kingdom of Naples covered much more than Naples itself) in the 17th and 18th centuries. In addition to the four gambists listed below, the performers use castanets, lute, theorbo, chitarra battente, frame drum, guitar and one singer using the unusual vocal technique of diplofonia. Neapolitan-English texts. Luciana Elizondo, Guisella Massa, Denise Mirra, Noelia Reverte, Reche (viole da gamba), Accordone; Guido Morini.


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