JOHN TAVENER (b.1944): Towards Silence for 4 String Quartets and Large Tibetan Temple Bowl.

Catalogue Number: 01M076

Label: Signum

Reference: SIGCD221

Format: CD

Price: $10.98

Description: Towards Silence is, in keeping with the mystical and religious concerns that have occupied Tavemer in one form or another since his conversion to the Orthodox Church some 30-odd years ago, a meditation on spiritual states of being in musical form. In this case, meditations on four states of dying as propounded in the Vedanta are presented in an immersive soundfield created by four separate string quartets (surrounding the listener in the SACD surround mix; liquid and decentralized in the two-channel version), punctuated by the tolling of a Tibetan temple bowl. The players are also called upon to chant at various key moments in the piece, which plays continuously for a little over a half-hour. The musical material is characteristic Tavener; beautiful, slowly evolving textures of slow, consonant chordal textures, a modal feel to much of the harmony, and steady, pulsating rhythmic motion propelling the music forward at a stately, ritualistic pace. Medici Quartet, Finzi Quartet, Cavaleri Quartet, Fifth Quadrant. Signum SACD hybrid


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