ZOLTÁN KODÁLY (1882-1967): Choral Works for Male Voices - Religious Folk-songs: Stabat mater, Evening song, Jesus appeared, God, forgive, Do not grieve, Historical Songs: Hymn to St. Stephen, The watchman of Nándor, Cantio Optima, Excerpts from Cinka Panna: Peasants' choir, A curse, Handsome Tommy, Come on, hajduk, 3 peasant songs from Bicinia Hungarica, Whom shall I marry?, The filly, Songs from Karád, Hey, Bandi Büngözsdi, 2 drinking songs: Drinking song, Tavern song, Soldiers' songs & songs of Hussars: 4 soldiers' songs from WWI, 4 Hussar songs from WWI, Soldiers' song, Patriotism and progress: Justum et tenacem, In András Fáy's album, Huszt, To the Hungarians, The peacock, Appeal, Revolutions and the War of Independence: The hymn of Liberty, To the changes in France, The son of an enslaved country, National song, 3 Folksongs in the spirit of 1848 from Bicinia Hungarica, Life or death, God's miracle.

Catalogue Number: 01M040

Label: Hungaroton

Reference: HCD 32641-42

Format: CD

Price: $39.98

Description: Kodály's male-voice choir pieces often had direct political connections to current events and two of them, National Song and The Peacock, were banned by governments of exact opposite political persuasions in 1956 and 1937 respectively. A wide variety of techniques are used, from unison folk-singing style to polyphony to chorale-like harmonic structures. 2 CDs. Texts available on-line. Béla Bartók Male Choir - Pécs; Dr. Tamás Lakner.


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