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June 2018 Catalogue

Format: DVD
Price: $29.98
Format: CD reissue

Leonard Slatkin:  The American Collection (RCA Red Seal reissues)

CD 1 - LEROY ANDERSON (1908-1975): Belle of the Ball, The Phantom Regiment, The First Day of Spring, Sleigh Ride, Plink, Plank, Plunk!, Blue Tango, Forgotten Dreams, Bugler's Holiday, The Penny-Whistle Song, Clarinet Candy, Horse and Buggy, A Trumpeter's Lullaby, Fiddle Faddle, Jazz Pizzicato, Jazz Legato, The Syncopated Clock, Sandpaper Ballet, The Typewriter, The Waltzing Cat, Promenade, Saraband, Serenata, Balladette, Arietta, Home Stretch. CD 2 - LEONARD BERNSTEIN (1918-1990): Songfest, In Memoriam Nathalie Koussevitzky for Piano, EDGARD VARÈSE (1883-1965): Arcana. CD 3 - AARON COPLAND (1900-1990): Symphony for Organ and Orchestra, Dance Symphony, Short Symphony, Orchestral Variations. CD 4 - AARON COPLAND (1900-1990): Music for the Films The Red Pony and Our Town, The Heiress Suite, Music for Movies, Prairie Journal. CD 5 - AARON COPLAND (1900-1990): Symphony No. 3, Music for a Great City, CD 6 - JOHN CORIGLIANO (b.1938): Of Rage and Remembrance, Symphony No. 1. CD 7 - JOHN CORIGLIANO (b.1938): Tournaments, Fantasia on an Ostinato, Elegy, Piano Concerto (Barry Douglas [piano]). CD 8 - CHARLES IVES (1874-1954): Three Places in New England, The Unanswered Question, Central Park in the Dark, Symphony No. 3 “The Camp Meeting”. CD 9 - WILLIAM SCHUMAN (1910-1992): American Festival Overture, New England Triptych, Symphony No. 10. CD 10 - WALTER PISTON (1894-1976): The Incredible Flutist, 3 New England Sketches, Symphony No. 6. CD 11 - JOSEPH SCHWANTNER (b.1943): Velocities for Solo Marimba, Percussion Concerto (Evelyn Glennie [percussion]), New Morning for the World: "Daybreak of Freedom" (National Symphony Orchestra). CD 12 - AARON COPLAND (1900-1990): Fanfare for the Common Man, Hoedown from Rodeo, WILLIAM SCHUMAN (1910-1992): Chester and Variations on “America” from New England Triptych, MORTON GOULD (1913-1996): American Salute, Pavane from American Symphonette No. 2, JOHN PHILIP SOUSA (1854-1932): Washington Post March, The Stars and Stripes Forever, VICTOR HERBERT (1859-1924): March of the Toys from Babes in Toyland, JOAN TOWER (b.1938): Fanfare for the Uncommon Woman, No. 1, VIRGIL THOMSON (1896-1989): Prelude and Pastoral (Grass) from The Plow that Broke the Plains, FERDE GROFÉ (1892-1972): On the Trail from Grand Canyon Suite, KATHERINE GLADNEY WELLS: Minor Reflection, JOHN STAFFORD SMITH (1750-1836): The Star-Spangled Banner, TRAD.: America the Beautiful, Taps. CD 13 - AARON COPLAND (1900-1990): Fanfare for the Common Man, Lincoln Portrait (H. Norman Schwarzkopf [narrator], St. Louis Symphony Chorus), WILLIAM SCHUMAN (1910-1992): Be glad then, America from New England Triptych, DUDLEY BUCK (1839-1909): Festival Overture on the "Star Spangled Banner", EDWIN EUGENE BAGLEY (1857-1922): National Emblem March, VIRGIL THOMSON (1896-1989): Fugue and Chorale on "Yankee Doodle", JOHN PHILIP SOUSA (1854-1932): El Capitan, VICTOR HERBERT (1859-1924): American Fantasia, WILLIAM STEFFE (1830-1890): Battle Hymn of the Republic, RICHARD HAYMAN (1920-2014): Servicemen on Parade.
Price: $34.98


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