JOACHIM RAFF (1822-1882): Caprice on Themes from “König Alfred” for Solo Piano, Op. 65/2 (World Premiere Recording,), Ode au Printemps for Piano and Orchestra, Op. 76, Piano Concerto in C Minor, Op. 185.

Catalogue Number: 12T026

Label: Grand Piano

Reference: GP771

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: Offered for the 15-minute Caprice on themes from Raff’s own opera of 1849. Raff wrote 41 of these opera paraphrases but this is the only one whose source is not another composer’s work. As with most efforts in this genre, it combines sumptuous lyricism with passionate virtuosity and, somehow, escapred inclusion in this pianist’s six volumes of Raff’s solo piano music which also came out of the Grand Piano label. Tra Nguyen (piano), Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra; Kerry Stratton.


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