JOSEPH HAYDN (1732-1809): Chamber Music with Flute - London Trios for 2 Flutes nd Cello, Hob.IV:1-4, Trios for Flute, Violin and Cello, Hob.IV:6-11, Trios for Piano, Flute and Cello, Hob.XV:15-17, Flute Quartets, Op. 5, Nos. 1-6, Arrangements of Baryton Trios Hob.XI:82, 100, 103, 109, 110 & 118 for Flute, Violin and Cello.

Catalogue Number: 12T018

Label: Accent

Reference: ACC 24335

Format: CD reissue

Price: $39.98

Description: From LP days to the present, this set collects Haydn and Haydnesque (not all of it is by him since he had no control over publishers using his name on other men’s music) salon music written for the emerging middle-classes to play at home. Lots of Kuijkens involved. 6 CDs. Barthold Kuijken, Marc Hantaï (flutes), Sigswald Kuijken (violin), François Fernandez (viola), Wieland Kuijken (cello), Piet Kuijken (fortepiano). Original 1979, 1986, 1992 and 2015 releases.


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