TOSHIO HOSOKAWA (b.1955): Tabi-bito for Percussion and Orchestra, Sen VI for Solo Percussion, Die Lotosblume for Percussion and Choir.

Catalogue Number: 12K125

Label: Stradivarius

Reference: STR 33818

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: The percussion concerto ('Wanderer') shows the composer consciously coming to terms with the differences between Japanese culture and that of the West. The dramaturgy of the work relies less upon confrontation of opposites than their integration, and the percussion soloist frequently plays long, introspective, narrative passages, avoiding the sense of display and aggression with which the opposition of percussion and ensemble is frequently used by western composers. The orchestral backdrop unfolds slowly, in waves of subtly dissonant texture, reminiscent of Takemitsu but more active, painted in brighter colors. The solo percussion work consists of isolated gestures, which the composer explains as the sonic equivalent of the visible marks on paper in Japanese calligraphy, representing only a part of the totality of expression in the movement required to make them. The mysterious, evocative Die Lotosblume sets Heine, and in its scheme of tension and relaxation is the closest work here to the European paradigm of structure and form; nevertheless its apparent suspension of time suggests a very eastern approach to dramatic contour. Isao Nakamura (percussion), Cologne Radio Choir and Symphony Orchestra; Ken Takaseki (Rupert Huber - Die Lotosblume).


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