WLADIMIR VOGEL (1896-1984): Complete Piano Works - Nature vivante, Trepak, Espressionistico, Einsames Getröpfel, Micro-Suite, Studie über die übermäßigen und verminderten Intervalle, Étude-Toccata, Lento e lirico, Studie zum gleichzeitigen Spiel auf weißen und schwarzen Tasten, Variétude (Chaconne), Ein wenig klagend, Musette, Passac'aglina, Epitaffio per Alban Berg, In modo cantico, Ad usum Nativitatis, Klaviereigene Interpretations - studie einer variierten Zwölftonfolge, 4 Versionen einer Zwölftonfolge, Russische Glocken, Varianten, Intervalle, Studie, Entledigung.

Catalogue Number: 12K075

Label: Gramola

Reference: 98821/22

Format: CD

Price: $22.98

Description: Rooted in his native Russia's piano tradition, influenced for life by his early encounters with Scriabin and equally by his studies with Busoni, Vogel kept a questing mind and sharp intelligence throughout his composing career. Still practically unknown due to enforced rootlessness during a period when two world wars kept forcing him to relocate, this first complete recording of his piano works indicates that, as he becomes better known, studied and performed, his stature among 20th century composers will increase. Most of these are miniatures, often driven by ostinati, powered by a virtuosity which is never superficial and while the influence of Scriabin is most noticeable in pre-1933 works, the later ones - dodecaphonic but so personally derived that the avant-garde establishment shunned him - still bear the marks of those fascinating, visionary, ecstatic harmonies. 2 CDs. Kolja Lessing (piano).


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