RUDOLF TOBIAS (1873-1918): Song Without Words (arr. Tobias-Duesberg), ARTUR KAPP (1878-1952): Prelude in E Flat (arr. Vardo Rumessen), MIHKEL LÜDIG (1880-1958): Ballade in D Minor, HEINO ELLER (1887-1970): Prelude in G Minor, Poem in A Flat, EDUARD TUBIN (1905-1982): Troubadour's Song, Recitativo from uncompleted Cello Concerto, EDUARD OJA (1905-1950): A Trilogy of Time, HELEN TOBIAS-DUESBERG (b.1919): Nachtstück, KALJU RAID (1921-2005): Largo, ESTER MÄGI (b.1922): Psalm, ARVO PÄRT (b.1935): Fratres.

Catalogue Number: 12K064

Label: Antes Edition

Reference: BM-CD 31.9253

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

Description: Except for the rather well-known Pärt piece, this recital of Estonian music for cello is derived from the first two generations of modern Estonian composers. Everything is tonal and the first six composers in the above list wrote in pure Romantic style with melody and emotion the main elements. Of the greatest interest perhaps is the only surviving fragment of an unfinished cello concerto by Tubin dating from 1954-5: the first movement, titled Recitativo, which exists only in this cello/piano version. Teet Järvi (cello), Vardo Rumessen (piano).


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