RAFFAELE CALACE (1863-1934): Music for Mandolin Quartet - Fantasia Poetica, Op. 56, Tarantella, Op. 18, Minuetto Lento, Op. 59, Danza Spagnola, Op. 105, Largo Mesto, Op. 144, Saltarello, Op. 79, Idillio, Op. 58, Danza Caratteristica, Op. 61, Danza Esotica, Op. 165, Elegia, Op. 131.

Catalogue Number: 10T048

Label: Brilliant Classics

Reference: 95494

Format: CD

Price: $7.98

Description: All the works here have an immediate charm, whether they are reflective in mood such as the Largo Mesto (dedicated to Mussolini in its original version as the slow movement of a concerto for mandolin and piano), Slow Minuet and the album’s concluding Elegy, straightforwardly exuberant (Danza Spagnola) or more ambiguously reflecting Calace’s Neapolitan heritage, in the unstoppable energy of an early Tarantella and the Saltarello. Motus Mandolin Quartet (two mandolins, a mandola and a liuto cantabile).


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