MAURICIO KAGEL (1931-2008): Chorbuch for Mixed Choir, Les Inventions d'Adolphe Sax for Choir and Saxophone Quartet (Rascher Saxophone Quartet).

Catalogue Number: 10O075

Label: Winter & Winter

Reference: 910 191

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Chorbuch consists of 53 pieces which can be performed in any combination and any order, of which 16 are heard here in the last recording in which the composer participated. As is often the case in Kagel's works, the piece has elements of theater, humor, surreal juxtaposition of styles, and a sense of ironic commentary on the question of musical creation and performance. Chorale melodies are presented more or less respectfully, in tonal harmonies, but are then embellished with shouts, exaggerated vocal effects (sometimes using cardboard megaphones), vocal glissandi and various other devices of the avant-garde. Les inventions adds the saxophone quartet to the voices, and is in many ways a more conventional piece of music, paying affectionate tribute to Adolphe Sax in a kind of history of the instrument, with lively contributions from the instrumentalists and an entertainingly light touch to the choral material, sometimes suggesting popular music, sometimes more dissonant and modern, but always appealing and entertaining. No texts. Cor de Jong (harmonium), Sepp Grotenhuis (piano), Netherlands Chamber Choir; Mauricio Kagel, Klaas Stok (Les Inventions).


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