LUIGI NONO (1924-1990): A Pierre. Dell'azzurro silenzio, inquietum for Bass Flute, Double Bass Clarinet and Live Electronics (Roberto Fabbriciani [flute], Ernesto Molinari [clarinet]), ...sofferte onde serene... for Piano and Tape (Markus Hinterhäuser [piano]), Omaggio a György Kurtág for Alto, Flute, Clarinet, Tuba and Live Electronics (Susanne Otto [contralto], Fabbriciani [flute], Molinari [clarinet], Klaus Burger [tuba], Detlef Heusinger [conductor]), Con Luigi Dallapiccola for 6 Percussionists and Live Electronics (Les Percussions de Strasbourg).

Catalogue Number: 10O073

Label: Neos

Reference: 11122

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

No Longer Available

Description: Volume 3 of this immensely useful series traces the evolution of Nono the sonic alchemist in the years leading up to and immediately following the beginning of his association with the Freiberg Experimentalstudio, during which time he was exploring the use of live electroacoustic methods and the transformation of instrumental timbres using electronics. The works from the last decade of the composer's life, after the watershed string quartet, are marked by subtle, understated, inventive, fluid textures and a telling use of silence, or of sounds on the edge of silence. The 1985 tribute to Boulez on his 60th birthday is a masterpiece of whispering, murmuring sonorities, the electronic component seamlessly integrated with the innovative instrumental sounds. The Omaggio a György Kurtág was a direct result of the composer's ongoing collaboration with the Experimentalstudio and the musicians associated with it, the final form of the piece worked out collaboratively during rehearsals and achieving definitive, written-down form later, a fascinating example of creative cross-pollination, with Nono's powerful yet searching, unsatisfied musical personality evident behind every gesture. SACD hybrid


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