BERNARDO PASQUINI (1637-1710): Aria Seconda in C, Toccatas in A "Per Francia", in G, in C "Per lo Scozzese", in C and in A "Con Lo Scherzo Del Cucco", Suites in D "Per lo Scozzese" and in E "Per l'Inglese di Scozia", Passagagli in G and in C "Per Petronilla", Variazioni in C "per la medisima", Fantasia in D "La Mi Fa Fa", Partete diverse di follia in D, Ricercare in D "in D. sol re", Pastorale in G.

Catalogue Number: 08Q015

Label: Stradivarius

Reference: STV 33959

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: And, as long as we're signposting compostional links between periods, here's the link between Frescobaldi/Ferrini and the high baroque of Handel. The first and last pieces on this disc were used by Respighi in his Gli Uccelli. Luca Guglielmi (harpsichord).


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