HELMUT ZAPF (b.1956): Das goldene Kalb for Female Singer, Ensemble and Playback.

Catalogue Number: 08L117

Label: New Classical Adventure

Reference: NCA 60197

Format: CD

Price: $34.98

Description: Zapf's ballet - multi-media theater piece really - relates three creatures from ancient legend; the Golden Calf, worshipped as a false idol in the Biblical story of Moses, the Chimæra, that anatomically complicated monster of Greek mythology, and Pegasus, the winged horse. The libretto describes a series of situations commenting in contemporary terms on material greed, the relentless institutionalized violence that this can lead to, and themes of self-deception and escape into unreality, all extrapolated from the original golden calf story in extended allegory. The music is fragmented and almost entirely atonal, and complex of texture, though the rhythmical element, while usually irregular of meter, is strongly pronounced as one would expect of a work incorporating dance elements (which, it must be admitted are rather missed in an audio-only presentation; the handful of booklet photographs, while intriguing, don't give much of an idea). The timbral palette of the ensemble is expanded by electroacoustic means, sparingly used but effective in the prologue and the transition into the artificial world of the third part. 2 CDs. Ensemble Mosaik; Jobst Liebrecht. NCA SACD hybrid.


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