IAN VINE (b.1974): Ocre Oscuro for Violin and Ensemble (Clio Gould [violin]), EMILY HALL (b.1978): Think About Space, ANNA MEREDITH (b.1978): Axeman for Solo Bassoon (John Orford), Flak.

Catalogue Number: 08L116

Label: London Sinfonietta

Reference: SINF CD1-2009

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

No Longer Available

Description: Vine's work layers ensemble material over a persistent solo violin line, which represents the monochromatic underpainting in oil painting close intervals and sliding transitions between notes suggest building layers of color, increasing in density and mesmerising effect. Hall incorporates a pulsating electric guitar and a persistent simple cross-rhythm which suggests echoes of popular music, though subtly expressed. The non-classical component in Meredith's Axeman is far less subtle; the bassoon is treated to distorting electronic transformation to evoke (rather effectively) a 1980s-style electric guitar solo. Her Flak is an electroacoustic work, electronically exaggerating and altering instrumental sounds, at first in overlapping meditative drones, subsequently building in energy and rhythmic insistence to evoke non-classical dance and electronica idioms.


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