MIHÁLY HAJDU (1909-1990): Violin Sonata No. 1 (Dénes Kovács [violin], Endre Petri [piano]), 5 Piano Pieces (Kornél Zempléni), 3 Hungarian Shepherds' Songs for Flute, Oboe, Viola, Cello and Cimbalom (Zoltán Jenei [flute], Péter Hidi [oboe], Klára Szécsi [viola], István Csurgai [cello], Ágnes Szakály [cimbalom]), 4 Movements for Wind Quintet (Béla Drahos [flute], István Virág [oboe], István Veér [clarinet], Jenö Keveházi [horn], Jószef Vajda [bassoon]), Spring Motets for Chorus (Hungarian Radio Chorus; Zoltán Vásárhelyi), Songs on Budpest (Zsolt Bende [baritone], Zsuzsa Eöry [piano]), Spinning-Room Song (Hungarian Radio Female Choir; Ferenc Sapszon).

Catalogue Number: 08L085

Label: Hungaroton

Reference: HCD 32614

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

Description: This release, put together to commemorate Hajdu's 100th anniversary, collects mono and stereo radio recordings from 1953-79. A student of Kodály, Hajdu remained firmly in the conservative, folk-music-inspired tradition of his teacher and folk elements are everywhere present in all of these chamber, instrumental and vocal pieces. For those who want the percentages, the choral works and songs take up only 24:40 of the disc's 75:48 total. The Hungarian Shepherds' Songs, Songs on Budapest and Four Movements are in stereo. Hungarian-English texts.


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