EYVIN ANDERSEN (1914-1968): Concerto (SJSO; Sjøen. May 10, 1975. Stereo), NIELS VIGGO BENTZON (1919-2000): Concerto No. 2 (SJSO; Sjøen. May 26, 1975. Stereo), JENS LAURSEN EMBORG (1876-1957): Concerto, Op. 48 (SJSO; Garaguly. June 12, 1969. Mono), LEIF THYBO (1922-2001): Concerto (SJSO; Carl-August Vogt. Feb. 19, 1971. Mono), VAGN HOLMBOE (1909-1996): Concerto 9 for Violin, Viola and Orchestra (Erik Spillemose [viola], SJSO; Garaguly. June 19, 1969. Mono).

Catalogue Number: 08L055

Label: Danacord

Reference: DACOCD 469/470

Format: CD

Price: $35.98

Description: These 10 discs were originally released as a box-set in 1997, just before we took over Records International, and were very quickly out of print. Most are are studio recordings, made 1966-78. Two are private, amateur tapes. Of the 26, 11 are stereo. The recording quality is perfectly acceptable, even for the amateur tapes. A few of these concertos (e.g. the Børresen, Svendsen, Lange-Müller) have since had brand-new recordings. The vast majority have not and maybe never will. The music is mostly melodic and all of it is tonal. Now released in five two-disc sets, you have greater variety of choice if you missed the set the first time around. Kai Laursen (violin).


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