ROBERT STILL (1910-1971): Symphonies No. 3 (London Symphony Orchestra; Eugene Goossens. May 19, 1962) and No. 4 (Royal Philharmonic Orchestra; Myer Fredman. Jan. 6, 1970), HUMPHREY SEARLE (1915-1982): Symphony No. 2, Op. 33 (London Philharmonic Orchestra; Josef Krips. Sept. 18, 1973).

Catalogue Number: 07L012

Label: Lyrita

Reference: SRCD.285

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Still's third ssymphony stands firmly in the British symphonic tradition, with echoes of Vaughan Williams, Lloyd, and Moeran, and in the slow movement especially, back to Elgar and the European late-Romantics who stood behind him. The only concession to any kind of Modernism is an emphasis on development through juxtaposition of ever-renewing or newly introduced material in the manner of Brian's symphonies after the first handful, rather than through elaboration and development of limited thematic material in conventional symphonic style. The Fourth has the character of a symphonic poem in one movement, and takes as its inspiration an unusual literary source; a psychoanalytical case study of a patient suffering from delusions of persecution. The case was not happily resolved, and neither is the symphony, which slips from episode to episode without finding repose. Original 1966, 1971 and 1975 LP releases.


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