AKIO YASHIRO (1929-1976): Complete Chamber Music, Vol. 1 - Piano Sonata (Ikuko Endo), Suite Classique for Piano Four-Hands (Kazuko Yasukawa, Keiko Kanazawa), Sonata for 2 Flutes and Piano (Ryu Noguchi, Shinya Koide [flutes], Futaba Inoue [piano]. All rec. 1982), Violin Sonata (Chikashi Tanaka [violin], Kazuoki Fujii [piano]. Rec. 2000).

Catalogue Number: 06L104

Label: Camerata

Reference: CCMCD-50001

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

No Longer Available

Description: he piano sonata is freely atonal, though with extended passages that hover around a tonal center. As with the other pieces here, classical forms are used as a structural basis- the first movement is in recognizable sonata form, with contrasting themes developed according to classical principles, despite the work's harmonic freedom. The second movement is a lively toccata with something of Messiaen (with whom the composer studied) about it; the third a chromatically rich set of variations. Suite Classique is an early work, entirely tonal, a young composer expressing his enthusiasm for his classical and romantic models. The interesting combination of two flutes and piano provides richness of texture in the tonally based sonata, somewhat French-influenced (the composer had recently returned from studying with Boulanger, which presumably explains this) with the first movement in sonata form and the finale a lively rondo. The intervening slow movement is an impressionistic fantasie. The very early violin sonata (1946) is very plainly influenced by Franck, Brahms and impressionism, but remains an accomplished and enjoyable piece of romantic pastiche in its own right.


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