NED ROREM (b.1923): 8 pieces from Day Music and Night Music, PETER LIEBERSON (b.1946): Elegy, PHILIP LASSER (b.1963): Vocalise, Berceuse Fantasque, RUSSELL PLATT (b.1965): Autumn Music.

Catalogue Number: 06L100

Label: Innova

Reference: 763

Format: CD

Price: $14.98

Description: Lasser's Vocalise is in the spirit of Rachmaninov's, which it resembles; like the Berceuse, it is tonal, tuneful and instantly accessible. Rorem's little pieces are characteristically elegant and insouciant, with a couple of virtuosic showpieces among the set, and several lovely songlike melodies, all in the bittersweet, slightly astringent but warmly satisfying tonal vocabulary that he made his own many decades ago and which has always served his expressive needs perfectly. Lieberson's Elegy is haunting, with elements of both melancholy and consolation in its ambiguous harmonic language. Platt's Autumn Music comprises two movements of a violin sonata: a slightly mournful, elegiac slow movement built on long sinuous violin melodies, and a neo-Baroque chaconne with romantic harmonies and a melancholy mood as a finale. Frank Almond (violin), Brian Zeger (piano).


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