ANTÓNIO VICTORINO D'ALMEIDA (b.1940): Symphonies No. 3, Op. 142 and No. 4, Op. 153.

Catalogue Number: 06L011

Label: Numérica

Reference: NUM 1192

Format: CD

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Description: These symphonies are recent works - 2007 and 2009 respectively. D'Almeida's concept of the symphony is a recognizable outline of the traditional form, though avoiding the development through key relationships and recapitulated themes in favor of development through the introduction of successive material of contrasting mood or character, a technique that has also been used by Florencio Asenjo, among other contemporary composers of large-scale pieces, with great success. The Third consists of a first movement full of stirring themes and high drama, with more than a whiff of celluloid about it is followed by an easy-going moderato movement with a popular early-20th-century Gershwinesque flavor. A tongue-in cheek scherzo is then followed by a vigorous gallop to a rousing conclusion. The Fourth is a similar, four-movement structure lacking a sustained slow movement - in this type of music, D'Almeida seems to prefer to keep slow music confined to brief episodes. The first movement is lively; the second mysterious, and straying further from obvious tonality than much of the rest of the piece; the third is another sardonically humorous scherzo, and the finale has a nostalgic feeling, centered on a simple songlike melody.


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