ĀDOLFS SKULTE (1909-2000): Symphony No. 5 (rec. 1976), Symphony No. 9 (rec. 1989).

Catalogue Number: 05T004

Label: LMIC/Skani

Reference: LMIC 021

Format: CD

Price: $14.98

Description: With Janis Ivanovs, Skulte was the other of the two pillars of Latvian symphonism as well as director of composition at the conservatory, chairman of the composers’ union and winner of the USSR State Prize two times. He only began writing symphonies in 1954, after his early, folk-music inspired period and these two date from 1974 and 1987. The fifth has both a Nordic quality and reminiscences of Russian Romanticism with a rumbustious scherzo that may remind you of Vaughan Williams in high dudgeon. The ninth seems to be a contest between sad, sentimental leave-taking and fast and bright, almost manic music not unlike the dichotomies in the Georgian Giya Kancheli’s music but less black-and-white and without the vast dynamic range. Latvian National Symphony Orchestra; Aleksandrs Viljumanis.


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