BILLY MAYERL (1902-1959): Sennen Cove, Op. 58, MONTAGUE PHILLIPS (1885-1969): Festival Overture, Op. 71, GRANVILLE BANTOCK (1868-1946): 2 Heroic Ballads, 2 Hebridean Tone Poems, WALTER LEIGH (1905-1942): Incidental Music from A Midsummer Night's Dream, NORMAN O'NEILL (1875-1934): Incidental Music from The Bluebird and Mary Rose, JOHN ST. ANTHONY JOHNSON (1874-19??): Pax Vobiscum, HUBERT CLIFFORD (1904-1959): Lavender Blue, WILLIAM WALTON (1902-1983): Incidental Music from The Boy David, EUGENE GOOSSENS (1893-1962): Ballet Music from Judith.

Catalogue Number: 04I106

Label: Dutton

Reference: CDBP 9766

Format: CD

Price: $10.98

Description: Historical recordings, using various no-longer-extant performing groups and employing even more various source material, from 1927-52, of most unusual repertoire (and most of it unlikely to be given any new recordings!), remastered to the well-known Dutton Labs standards.


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