ALVIN LUCIER (b.1931): Piper for Bagpipe (Matt Welch), Fan for 4 Kotos (Miki Maruta, Ryuko Mizutani, Kayoko Nakagawa, Yoko Nishi), 947 for Flute (Jacqueline Martelle), Silver Streetcar for the Orchestra for Triangle (Brian Johnson), Ever Present for Flute, Piano and Alto Saxophone (Drescher-Okabe-Armbruster Trio).

Catalogue Number: 04I092

Label: Mode

Reference: 178

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: Lucier continues his investigations of vibrational phenomena in these recent works. The fundamental premise of his work is the beating that occurs when two frequencies close to each other are simultaneously sounded. Piper has no score; the bagpiper moves around the performance space, and reflections from its surfaces set up unpredictable effects; by slightly varying the pitch of the chanters, beating patterns are made to emerge. 947 sets sustained notes played by a flute against pure sine waves. Silver Streetcar sets up vibrations within a struck metal bar - a triangle - which is variously damped by the player and played at different positions along its length; reflections and resonances within the metal give rise to the various acoustic phenomena, heard via closely placed microphones. Ever Present uses a graphic score for three instruments which sustain long tones which give rise to resultant frequencies and beats with varying timbres. A fascinating conjunction of acoustical physics and music.


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