PIET SWERTS (b.1960): Prelude - Le jardin à Giverny, Seeker of Truth - Piano Fantasy, Sicilienne pour Nadine - Fantaisie sur “Wir danken dir Gott” BWV 29, Histoire perdue - Hommage à Claude Debussy, 5 Préludes à la mémoire de Frédéric Chopin, Partita - in memoriam J.S. Bach, 10 Valses Enigmatiques.

Catalogue Number: 03S074

Label: Phaedra

Reference: PH 92095

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: If you think from a look at the listing above that this recital is of music in the styles of certain famous composers of the past, you’d be very correct. Le jardin and Histoire breathe the heady air of French Impressionism; the Sicilienne and Partita clothe Bach in modern sounds; the Valses ear-check Messiaen, Copland, Vivaldi, Vach, Beethoven and Brahms and the longest work here - the nine-minute Seeker of Truth - treats and transforms a motive not unlike the famous motto of Beethoven’s Fifth (although its closing minutes remind you of Prokofiev’s motoric piano style). Nothing to fear and plenty to enjoy for moderately adventurous collectors. Russell Hirshfield (piano).


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